Our objectives are as under

    1. To respect one another’s point of view and to work together for common causes of development and peace.

    2. To create awareness amongst members of both faiths that Islam and Christianity need to work together. Trust needs to be developed amongst the two communities in Pakistan and across the world.

    3. To establish confidence amongst the authorities and the administration of our total support and cooperation in curbing/controlling violence of any kind amongst the Muslims and the Christians.

    4. To struggle for equal rights of all citizens of the world and to fight against all rules and systems, which give rise or suspicions to denomination of any religious or political nature.

    5. To jointly struggle against poverty, illiteracy and hunger in our society.

    6. To encourage and form such groups of fellowship of both Muslims and Christians throughout the world.

    7. To organize and celebrate jointly each other’s religious festivities.

    8. To respect the religious sentiments of each other.

    9. To review and suggest alternatives to all those factors creating sectarianism or conflict, especially to reflect on the educational system in the world.

We believe in the creation of a strong and healthy bonded Christian-Muslim community in every country where followers of these two faiths live to further cause international peace and stability.